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Beta Sigma Phi has a long and rich history in the Ottawa area
Established in Ottawa in 1937, in 2014 we made history
as the first "Blended" (online format) chapter to be a member of Ottawa (or any) City Council

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Chapter Operation

  • We got our charter in August, 2014, and as of now have eight members, with room for more! We'd love to have you join us. Please see below for more information, and to contact us. :)

  • This is a chapter of Ottawa City Council, with dues paid to CC, operating as a "Blended" chapter ("Online" chapter format in a "Land" chapter), as approved by the BSP Executive Council in 2013
  • Online aspect allows those who can't get to meetings to participate in a chapter, earning time towards progression
  • With the aging population, and the growth of computer use, it is expected some members may wish to transfer to this chapter in the future, without giving up membership in Ottawa BSP, when they can no longer go out to meetings
  • Officers can be any of the members
  • Meetings are held once per month, usually the last week of the month, starting on Wednesdays. We meet most months, adjusted for holidays as needed, via a private mailing list, with the meeting open for at least one week, so there would be meeting times available for all schedules
  • Socials are held, if possible, at varying times and at accessible locations, so that all could participate as much as possible; Covid has cancelled our in person activities
  • Members benefit from the flexibility of an online connection, with the added benefit of local City Council functions, including rituals in person (or online if a member can't be present)

How it works...

  • Friendship, sharing and a monthly online meeting, online program and social, and optional in-person social is the focus of our chapter.
  • A mailing list (in which one email to the "list" goes to all those "subscribed" to the list) is our method of discussion and our method of holding meetings online, and sharing information.
  • There is a business meeting most months online, taking place over a week (usually the last week of the month), to allow participation on each member's schedule. All that is required of members is to sign in on an attendance web page each month. It is also hoped members will take part in the program and social online as well, even if it's just a comment that it has been read. We have decided to forego meetings in July and August, but plan to hold socials those months.
  • We plan to hold monthly socials where the members can meet in person (unfortunately on hold at the moment due to Covid-19).
    This will maximize our social time at in-person gatherings.
  • We hope those who are not already members of Beta Sigma Phi will choose to join the organization, and stay in this chapter. :) We gladly welcome visitors to check us out - please request your visit using the email link below.
  • For more information, please visit the links below:
    Beta Sigma Phi in Ottawa:
    Beta Sigma Phi International:
    Online Sigma Chapter: (Our "template") - the fact they are both "Sigma" is a coincidence!
    (Online Sigma is an international chapter with members all over North America, started in 1999)
  • Membership form can be printed and mailed, or completed online; available online at the BSP International website
  • There are a few special rules governing online chapters, one of which is we do not have a treasury - so no chapter dues! :)
    We will pay our annual dues to BSP Ottawa City Council each year, set for 2019-20 at $14 per member, no dues for 2020-21 due to Covid.
  • Each member pays their personal annual dues to the BSP International office, currently about $48US.
    First year only: an additional registration fee applies, includes degree pins for life
  • Many members use their online chapter meetings as "make up" meetings for attendance in their land chapter. Having visitors join us for a monthly meeting will help spread awareness of this new type of chapter. Please see below to request your visit.
  • Because we'll "live" online as a chapter, there is a passworded, "Members only" area of our website.
To either subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, our mailing list
Please email us at:
Web: S.C. Brown
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