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Julia Gibson/Greythounds
Greyhound Adoptions

Julia Gibson

Mary Ellen Purchase
Lamaze Childbirth preparations

Cawamn's (Cathy Hilden)

Cathy Hilden
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Other Informative Links

Virtually Everything
When it comes to virtual something, anything, this has a hyperlink to it.... From greeting cards, to food, to vacations, gifts and more......

Card Central
Has hyperlinks to all the greeting card sites and tells you what kind of cards they have.

Angelwinks Postcards
A wide selection on just about any occasion with music.

Secret Sister Cards
For those who want to send secret sister cards.

Gives Urban legends and hoaxs information and information on virus protection software

Urban Legends
Another place to check to see if an e-mail is a hoax.
If you need a little inspiration, you're sure to find it here. From "Projects of the Week" to finishing touches, this home and garden resource serves up hundreds of ideas in a well-organized way.

Roberts Rules of Order
Roberts Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order and Parlimentary Procedure


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