Online Beta - Making up a meeting

OnLine Beta allows members of other Online Chapters as well as those only in a Land Chapter to make up a meeting they may have to miss in their own chapter.

Our meetings begin at 3:00 PM Eastern time the second Sunday of every month, and last until 10:00PM ET Tuesday. We will need to have the request (the below form) to make up a meeting sent no later than the Friday prior to that Sunday's meeting. This gives us time to add you to our mailing list on Saturday. After 7 days have passed, we'll then remove you from our mailing list. This extended time past the meeting will allow you to take part in the program. We encourage you to take an active part in our meetings.

We ask that you copy the information below and paste it into an email to:
OLB's Vice President will get back to you ASAP. The number that can be on our list at any one time is 75, so she will have to check to make sure we have a slot available. :-)


E-Mail Address:`

BSP Membership Number:

Chapter Name and Number:

Chapter President name and e-mail address or other e-address (for confirmation of made up meeting)

Month and Year of meeting you wish to make up:

Additional Information: (Please include other information about yourself. This is optional. If you choose not to share, please just put "none")

Sep/17 - SCB