OLB Minnesota Gathering

June 16 - 20

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Dianne, Herb, Leet,
Jim. BarbH, Merrill

Kandy and Barb B

Karen, LizC, Betty

In a room

KaenA, Merrill, BarbH, Julia

Mary Ellen, Dick, Jim

Julie, Mary Ellen, Dick
Julia, LizF, KarenA

Jim in front of the
Mall of America

Group with banner

In a room

In the hotel lobby

front:Kandy, BarbB
Back: KarenH, Betty, LizC

Jim, Dick, Mary Ellen

Bubba Gump

My kind of store!

Computer addict?

Learning sign language

Shopping for charms

Kandy, Julia, BarbH, KarenH

Winsome trio

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