Women of the Year

A yellow rose means gladness, joy and friendship
A pink rose means grace, admiration and thank you



Valerie Davis

Valerie Davis has persevered through several struggles the past two years and has kept us on track. In addition she has started our OLB Book Club which has been another way to connect with our sisters.  She has been our President for 2 years and has done a very good job.



Susan Brenner

Susan and her committee have done an incredible job this past year in providing Service ideas and projects for our members to consider. She is kindhearted and always thinks of others. The projects and ideas put forth to our membership for monthly and continuing service are well researched and well thought out.



Robin Poitras

Robin has done an awesome job planning our socials this year. A lot of research and time is involved in planning our socials. She has kept our group entertained and taken us to many fabulous places throughout the year. She has come up with some original ideas, especially enjoyed our meeting cruise this past fall.

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