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Beta Sigma Phi


Originally adopted Sep/99
Amended Nov/11


The name of this chapter by the authority of the Executive Council shall be ON LINE SIGMA Chapter #OL118 of Beta Sigma Phi.

The theme of this organization shall be "Angels Among Us."


The Executive Council shall consist of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary.



This Chapter shall follow a Career Chapter format. The monthly meeting shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month and closing on the following Wednesday. It shall be at the discretion of the President to extend the length of the meeting if Chapter business requires it.

The meetings of the Chapter shall be held via e-mail.

The meetings of the Executive Board shall be held by any method agreed upon by the members of the Executive Board.



One program a month shall be given. The program shall be presented by the member who volunteered for the program before the end of the monthly meeting, and the membership shall respond to the program before the start of the next monthly meeting.


A - Quorum

A quorum shall be 2/3 of the active membership of the Chapter..

B - Voting

A majority vote of "yes" of the members present at a meeting shall carry the vote.



There are no fees at this time. The Executive Council may impose fees with the voted approval of the membership as needed. (Note that International discourages online chapters from having a treasury, due to potential oversite problems.)



Amendments and/or additional By-Laws not in conflict with the constitution of Beta Sigma Phi or the rules and regulations of the Executive Council may be passed by a vote of 2/3 of the chapter members.

Such changes must be presented via e-mail to the Chapter thirty days before adoption. Amendments and any additions to the by-laws must be sent to the International Office of Beta Sigma Phi for approval by the International Executive Council.


Net Section

The private member information online will be kept in a web page not linked to the general "public" pages. Since it is possible that this information could be accessed, no address or phone numbers will be published. The official "address" of the chapter shall be the web site (http://www.bspsisters.ca/ols ).

The official chapter business (including the meetings) shall be "posted to the list" (sent to our email mailing list), which is a private, members-only, e-mail list.

The chapter shall designate one member to be the "webmaster" and the "list owner". It is recommended that these be the same person.Changes required for the web site and mailing list shall be made in a timely manner.

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