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Beta Sigma Phi

Woman of the Year Point System

Attendance (Recorded as present)


Participation during meeting


Chapter Officer


Chapter Standing Committee Chairman


Chapter Special Committee Chairman


Serving on a committee


Participation on a program


Special effort (helpfulness online)


Points to be tallied from May 1st through April 30th,
in order for the chapter to vote in April and the Woman of the Year
to be announced at Founder's Day.

G Generous
I Interesting program & is approachable
R Reliable
L Likable

O Offers quickly
F Friendly

T Thoughtful
H Helpful
E Energetic

Y Young at heart
E Eager & enthusiastic
A Always co-operative, excellent attendance
R Respectful

An award for a true Beta Sigma Phi is for a member who has not only completed her assigned tasks with quality, but has demonstrated initiative and gone beyond the call of duty. The objective is to attempt to ensure that the election is made for the right reasons and for you to give careful thought to each member and not just to those who appear visible in the chapter.

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